Macaroni, Bake or No-bake?

Whether it is short, long, elbow, or the straight type, you can turn this very common pasta into many kinds of dishes. Serve it with any of your favorite pasta sauces, combine with creamy cheese sauce for a “macaroni and cheese”, toss it into a clear soup or salad, and a lot more I can’t … Continue reading

Omiyage* From Surabaya and Our New Favorite Snack

This is actually a late post, since I was very busy for the past weeks (blah….blah…blah…). For those of you who haven’t got to know this gift from Surabaya, take a look at the picture below: My Mum bought them during her trip to Surabaya. She bought the original one, chocolate, and the green tea. … Continue reading

“The Rise And Fall” Dish

My Mum and I used to call this dish as “the rise and fall” stir fry vegetable. Why? Because it would “rise” at the moment we put it in the wok and then “fall” when it began to fully cooked. Go and check the kitchen to get the recipe of this one. Happy cooking!