Kare Raisu aka Curry Rice

curry rice_kimoechan_2

This is my second attempt to make Japanese Curry Rice. This time I didn’t use the ready-to-mix curry paste but I prepared the paste myself (known as the roux), inspired from norecipe.com. For the first trial I used the Nyonya Curry paste and I warn you, it’s not suitable for kare raisu because the aroma and taste of the galangal (blue ginger) is too strong.

I know there’s a lot of Japanese curry block in the market but I still can’t find the halal one. So, preparing my own paste is the solution for that. But it’s fun, you know, to make it from scratch. You can adjust the level of the spices according to your taste.

Conclusion: I like this batch more than the first one. Itadakimasu!


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